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Ghost Notes

A novel method of learning to play the keyboard.

Ghost Notes
Tangible Media Design by
Subhankar Das with Akshay Nandakumar
Ghost Notes is a prototype which aims to help budding musicians and beginners learn to play the keyboard and generate musical ideas. It is a visual feedback system which guides the player to create and practice music more organically.

A series of LED lights attached to the keys suggests chords and notes based on the note that the player is holding. This is to enable players to learn chord positions and progressions as well as to improvise musical ideas.

User Testing
How does it feel?

We tested the prototype with both amateur and intermediate level players and received promising responses. Beginners were able to rid their fear of not having musical knowledge and Intermediate players were able to freely improvise and be more intentional about what they wanted to play.

The Prototype
Ghost Notes evolved out of a collective need to be able to understand music better and learn to play the keyboard. We felt that some kind of visual guide to playing music would be a good start. That's where the LEDs came into the picture.

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