Design at QikPod

Collection of works from internship at QikPod, Bangalore as a UX Designer

Design at QikPod
UX and Visual Design
by Subhankar Das

for QikPod
QikPod is a Bangalore based startup that builds automated electronic lockers (Pods) for parcel delivery. QikPod currently operates in Bangalore, with pods deployed in major business parks and housing apartments. They have tie-ups with e-commerce partners and other businesses to enable private and hassle free delivery services.  

During my 3-month tenure as a UX design intern, I worked on three major projects. These ranged from internal dashboard systems to consumer facing apps.

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Summary of Work
Consumer App
QikPod also has an app for users to register for pods and keep track of their parcels. I had the opportunity to work on an early version of this product, as lead designer for both UX and visual design.  

Field Executive App
Field executives transport parcels from the warehouse to pod locations. They use an Android app to track their daily tasks, scan parcels and to gain secure access to the pods. Our challenge was to design a better user experience for the field executive for his daily parcel transport routine. 

Locker Management System
QikPod has a dedicated team that uses a web-based dashboard system to manage pods deployed in different parts of the city. I worked with the engineering and operations team to design concepts for a new locker management system. This would allow operations managers to monitor pods, track issues and assign field engineers, etc. in a more streamlined fashion. 

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